How we Learn in Science
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General Information for Chapter 1
What does Physical Science Have to do with real life?
How do Scientists figure out all this stuff?
This has stuff to help you through the chapter
Back to the Beginning
The Scientific Method A Way of Problem Solving
A Scientist is born!
Can Curiosity go too Far?
Who is a scientist?  Anyone who is
curious has the qualities to be a
If you have ever asked a
question you are a scientist
Stating the Problem
Gather Information on the Problem
Form a Hypothesis - This is your prediction for the answer to the question, but you aren't sure yet!
Perform the Experiment using a Control and a Variable.
State the Problem - The Question you want to answer
State a Conclusion - Was the hypothesis right or wrong?
Repeat the Work
One winter evening, near the beach you went for a walk. You notice the melted snow had near your cabin was freezing into lovely shapes.
could be the reason for this curious observation you wonder

Without realizing it, the friends had taken an important step in the scientific method. You recognized a scientific problem. A scientist might
state this problem in another way:
What causes fresh water to freeze at a higher temperature than sea water?
Although the two friends might be satisfied with their conclusion, not so with a scientist. As you read before a scientist would want to
repeat the experiment many times to be sure the data were accurate