Chapter 4 - Density and Buoyancy
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What is Density/Calculating Density
What is Buoyancy? / Buoyancy in everyday life.
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Section Review 4.1
1. Don't just put things like mass, density and color.  Be specific, like brown, and less dense than water.
9. You need to give the density and the type of wood.

Section Review 4.2
7. Don't just say, "because some heavy things float", explain why.

Concepts p. 91
1. Remember, mass and weight are not the same thing but they seem the same on earth.
2. The amount of a substance does not change the density.
3. Volume = mass / density
4. A unit for density has to have a mass and a volume

Concepts p. 92
14. Archimedies principle!

Problems p. 92
1. First find the volume of the rock, then how would it effect 10 ml of water?
10.  The wood will float, so it will displace it's weight in water.
11. The steel will sink,  so it will displace it's volume in water.