The Atom - pt. 2

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   atom      atom      atom      atom      atom      atoms      electron      electron      electrons      electrons      electrons      Electrons      hydrogen      nucleus      nucleus      particle      proton      proton      protons      reactions   

The first or "piece of an " discovered was the . This particle is only one two-thousandth as heavy as the lightest of , the atom. Through scientific research it was determined that these are found in every type of . It was discover­ed that the fly around the nucleus at unbelievable speeds, just as the planets dash around the sun at great speeds. are of great importance to the chemist, because in many chemical reactions are transferred from one to another, and in all electrons are involved in some way or other.

The positive charge on each in the nucleus is just equal to the negative charge on an electron, so in a neutral there must be just as many in the as there are electrons outside it, Since a weighs 1,840 times as much as an , the is by far the heaviest part of the .