Chapter 7 - The Periodic Table of the Elements
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Periodic Table of the Elements
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p. 137 - Introduction
p. 138 - Section 7.1
p. 144 - Review 7.1
p. 145 Section 7.2
p. 151 - Review 7.2
p. 152 - Connection
p. 154 - Activity
p. 155 - Assessment
GATE - Homework
Assignment Sheet

C Worksheet

B Worksheet

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Section Review 8.2 - p. 151
1. Remember, intermolecular forces pull molecules
together, making them melt and boil at higher

Vocabulary p. 155
1. What type of element
14. What is the property of
(these two are often mixed up)

Assessment - Concepts p. 155-156
6. NOT atomic number!!!
8. Read carefully
10. What is common about the number of electrons
the valence levels?