Conduction of Heat and Electricty
In addition to being malleable and ductile, they are also very good
conductors of electricity. Electricity depends upon the flow of electrons.
Whenever electrons can flow easily through a structure, then that
structure is said to be a good electrical conductor. Clearly, the very
fluid nature of the electron sea allows it to be a very good electrical
conductor. Because of this quality, metals are usually used in the
electronics industry.
Metals are also known as being good conductors of heat, or thermal conductors. Heat is
kinetic energy. In order for a substance to conduct heat, it must be able to transmit kinetic

  • If heat is applied to one side of a piece of metal, then the kernels will start to vibrate.
    Because they are so loosely held into the crystal structure, they will be able to vibrate
  • With the increase in the amount of their vibration, they will run into the kernels located
    next to them. That will start more kernels to vibrate.
  • In this way, the process continues until all of the kernels in the system are vibrating.

Any material that has highly rigid structures because of strong, rigid bonding will not have the
freedom of motion that is needed for the transmission of the kinetic energy.
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