Chapter 9 - Solutions, Acids & Bases

Acids and bases are common solutions that exist everywhere. Almost every liquid
that we encounter in our daily lives consists of acidic and basic properties, with the
exception of water. They have completely different properties and are able to
neutralize to form H
2O, which will be discussed later in a subsection. The table
below compares the different properties between them:
produce a piercing pain in a wound.
Feel slippery to the skin
Taste sour
Taste Bitter
Turn blue litmus paper red
Turn red litmus paper blue
Have a pH < 7
Have pH > 7
Produce Hydrogen gas when reacting
with metals
Lemons, oranges, vinegar, urine, sulfuric
acid, hyrdrochloric acid
Soap, toothpaste, bleach, cleaning
agents, limewater, ammonia water,
sodium hydroxide.
An acid is a compound that increases the concentration of H+ ions that are present
when added to water. These H+ ions form the hydronium ion (H
3O+) when they
come together with water molecules.