Chapter 9 - Solutions, Acids & Bases
pH and Indicators
pH (small p capital H) is the
measure of how acid or base a
solution is. The lower the number
the more acid it is and the higher
the number (up to 14) the more
base the solution is.
A pH of 7 is considered neutral, this
means it is
both acid and base.
The pH scale is a reverse logarithmic scale that
measures the number of
hydronium ions. This
hydronium ions in the solution goes down.\

Reverse logarithmic means:
1 = 10 to the power of -1    0.1
2 = 10 to the power of -2    0.01
3 = 10 to the power of -3    0.001
and so on

so as the number gets higher the number of
hydronium ions gets less.