Chapter 10 - Chemical Reactions
What's in this chapter.
1. Chemical Reactions:
A chemical reaction is when the chemical bonds between the atoms of
a substance (or substances) rearrange to create new substances.  What
is important to remember here is that
the atoms themselves do not
!  This means that if we start with 5 iron we must end
with 5 iron.  This will be covered under
balancing equations.
2. Types of reactions:
There are 4 basic types of reactions, depending upon how the atoms get rearranged
during the reaction.  Only 3 are covered in the book, so you will have to refer to your
notes and to the page here that covers double replacement reactions.
3. Energy in Reactions:
Energy will move one of two ways in a chemical reaction. If the energy goes into
the bonds we call it an
endothermic reaction, these are not the kind that most of
you think of.  If energy goes out of the bonds and into the environment it is
called an
exothermic  reaction, this is the kind shown in the picture above.