1. I.    Motion - a change in position
  1. Reference point - the point motion is
    measured against
  2. Speed - distance/time (m/s)
  1. Average Speed - total distance/total time
  1. Velocity - Speed & direction (m/s direction)
  1. Combining velocities
  1. Same direction V1 + V2
  2. Opposite direction V1 - V2
  1. Acceleration - a change in velocity (More on
    that in chapter 14)
  2. How to make and identify graphs of all of the
Chapter 12 - Describing Motion
Stuff you need to know
Showing Your Work

Much of this chapter is
math and formulas.  In
order to get full credit for
the work you will need to
show that you understand
the formulas and how they
work. This is the way you
are to show your work in
this chapter.

1. Show the formula
2. Fill in the Numbers
3. Solve the problem

If you do all of the above
and get the wrong answer
you still will get partial
credit for the work.