1st Law of Motion

Motion doesn't change
without an outside force..
Chapter 14 - Force & Motion
Newton's Laws of Motion
2nd Law of Motion

F = ma
This explains how much a
force will change the motion
of an ojbect.
3rd Law of Motion

For every action...
the force will effect the
motion of both of the objects
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Section 14.1
Review 14.1
Section 14.2
Review 14.2
Extra Credit Test
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Section Review 14.1
#4 - Think Newton's Laws, it is not just that he did not
jump far enough.

Section Review 14.2
#6 - A lot of people get this wrong, just use the formula
F=ma and you should get the right answer for a.
#10 - First you have to look at the table and see what
the acceleration is for the bike, then you have to plug
that into F=ma to find the Force.

#6 - We are asking about force, not velocity
#7 - Remember Newton's 3rd law of motion