Games & Puzzles
Just for fun, this has nothing to do with the class........enjoy!

Look at each group of
objects.  What do all icons
on the left have in common
that is different from icons
on the right? Consider
both meaning and
Directions for each type of Puzzle

Read the directions for each type of puzzle. Then click on the link to see the puzzles.
Good Knight!

Various ways to move a
knight on a chessboard.  
Each puzzle has different
directions.  Read carefully
and good luck!
Make a Square

It sounds easy, and maybe
it is.  But take some of the
from them.  You can rotate
them, but you can't flip
them over.
How Many

You will have to see how
many of a given shape you
can find in the image
shown.  Try a few and you
will start getting use to
what to look for.
MENSA Madness

MENSA is a group of high
IQ people.  These are
puzzles from their work.  
There are all different
types, and yes, all of them
are HARD.