Success in School
This is probably the hardest time a student's life.  They are undergoing
physical, mental, emotional, hormonal and social changes.  This small web
page is not meant to cover all of the issues, but it can help with some of the
most common problems that occur in a young teenager's life.
Helping your Child to succeed
Is teenage communication even possible?!?
When, what and how to study
Learn the Active Study techniques!
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  1. Teenage Communication - at this time in your child's development
    communication is changing.  What they need from you and how you
    can communicate with them needs to change also.  Here is a list of
    tips for all parents of teenagers.
  2. Study Habits - As students progress in school the demands of time
    and organizational skills increases.  Here are some tried and true
    techniques to developing skills that will aid them throughout their lives.
  3. Homework! - That dreaded time when most arguments occur. (Do
    they have any?  When will they work on it? Why didn't they get it
    done?) Yet for most classes this will be the crux between failing,
    doing average or really succeeding in classes.