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Study Hard Subjects First & Study in a Quiet Place - Each night (or day) when studying
or doing your homework, do those subjects first for which you need to be alert and
energetic. Leave the easier, or more fun, subjects to later.  Work that requires activity,
(making a model, or doing an experiment) should be left till after the seated work,
(bookwork, reading, answering questions).   Generally, the work you find the hardest will
be from the classes you like the least, so get it over with!
Study in the proper order
Quiet is (almost) always best!!
Exception to this rule:  Some people who are mildly or more ADD (myself included) need
absolute silence to study.  Because absolute silence does not exist on this planet, much less
in the average household, quiet music can be put on.  The music can then be filtered out by
the brain creating silence.  To those techno's of old, it's the same principle as Dolby noise
reduction.  Quiet, instrumental music is usually best. (Like I am listening to now - Sebelius'
violin concerto)